The Art of Charles Pilkey
The embryonic fluid from which clay is twice born.
In the mountains, the patient pounding by water transforms feldspathic stone into clay minerals. In the studio, the wet hands of the impatient potter, changes clay into form, idea
into its material expression and occasionally
mud into masterpiece.
Lizard  Car 
painted clay  20" long
Technozoic Lizard   
painted clay  40" long
terracotta 6' 8" high
Eskisehir, Turkey
The Sons of Martha  
clay  5' high
clay  6' high
Bird man   
clay 3' high
Maid in Babylon 
painted clay  2' high
clay   22" high
clay  40" long
The tale is as old as the Eden tree, and as new as the new-cut tooth.
For each man knows ere his lip-thatch grows, he's the master of Art and Truth.
And each man hears as the twilight nears, to the beat of his dying heart.
The devil drum on the darkened pane; "You did it but was it art"?