The Art of Charles Pilkey
For the first time in the history of our planet a species has risen that will soon be
self-evolving. Genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology - Will we
use our new found technological triumphs to patch up a broken paradise? Will we
distinguish ourselves as a race of benign star-roving supermen? Or will our ancient
reptilian savagery extinguish us in war and ecological ruin? The oddsmakers these days
say it's an even bet either way.

Like all artists I am indebted to great minds both past and present. But my best mentors have always been cold mountain winds, the sound of waves at night, campfires under stars innumerable as dust on a vagabond's blanket - earth, air, fire, water, stars.
For the first time in history more people live in cities now than in rural areas
etching   18" x 11"
Genetically engineered superfish
City People   
color pencil 18"x 30"cm
Madonna From Nagasaki  
color pencil   22" x 26"
Portrait of artist's wife whose family survived the atomic  bombing of Nagasaki
color pencil  19"x 22"
Symbol of a decadent civilization
Redesigning cities to be ecologically and esthetically harmonious with nature
Architectural Fantasy   
mixed media
Apartment made of ferrocement designed to look like natural rock formations providing a home for humas, lizards, birds, etc.
Green City   
color pencil
Replacing trees cut down by urban development
Charles Pilkey is a sculptor living in Mint Hill, North Carolina with
his wife and son and three cats. He lived for fifteen years in Japan where he taught sculpture at Kyushu Sangyo University. His work can be seen in private and public collections in China, Italy, Japan, Korea, Turkey and the U.S.

He dreams of one day carving on the moon.