The Art of Charles Pilkey
The sculptor - a beachcomber wandering the boundless shore of the world, collecting unusual wave-washed shapes and assembling them into artworks. But the shore is the edge of the unconscious and the wave-washed shapes are the flotsam and jetsam of World Culture, tossed up by the tides of time.

It`s humbling to consider how ancient the lineage of sculpture is; by some reckoning it goes back tens of thousands of years. Certain issues - love, birth, death - have always been of interest to the sculptor. Other issues have changed with the advance of technology. But the technical and formal concerns of Phidias, Unkei, Michelangelo and all the other masters of form, are much the same for the contemporary artist. And like them, we too want to give free flight to private visions, even while feeling the cold chain of mortality tugging at our throats.

I`ve been influenced by everyone and no one; my allegiance is to the individualistic visionaries of the past - Bosch, Sesshu and others -  more than to any contemporary movement. I am at home everywhere and nowhere. My technique is no technique. My style is none; the works flow from hands like dreams. I worship in equal measure the creative power of the human mind and the vast  capacity for love in the human heart.

At night I look up at the stars and wonder.....


St. Elmo, Chattanooga, TN
Commission, 2013
Salisbury Outdoor Sculpture Show Salisbury, NC 2012
Hickory Grove Public Library Commission Charlotte, NC, 2010
Hillsborough Sculpture Tour
Hillsborough, NC 2011, Juror's Prize
Art Center
One-man show, Carrboro, NC  2009
Cary Visual Art - Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
Cary, NC 2008
SOHO 20 Gallery
International Competition, New York  2008
ANA Airlines International Children's Book Competition Second Prize  2008
International Sculpture Symposium 
Shanghai, China  2005
Papier Blanc Gallery Fukuoka, One-man show 2005
Fukuoka Prefectural Art Museum  One-man Show  2004
International Sculpture Symposium Sangcheong, Korea  2003
Fukuoka City Art Museum Two-man Show  2002
6th Oita Asian International Sculpture Competition Oita, Japan  2001
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum International Art Exhibition 1999, 2001
Kumamoto Prefecture Museum National Competition Kumamoto, Japan 1997,2001
    Kumamoto Rotary Prize  2001
International Terracotta Sculpture Symposium Eskisehir, Turkey,  2001
United Nations Korean War Memorial Park Sculpture Symposium Pusan, Korea, 2000
Elegant Gallery Shanghai 1999, 2000
International Sculpture Symposium Ichon, Korea 2000
Communication Design Association of Korea Seoul, Korea 2000
13th International Sculpture Symposium Carrara, Italy 1999
Silk Gallery Seoul  1999
Osaka International Airport Competition Osaka 1999
10th International Sculpture Competition Fujimi, Japan  1998
Bordeaux Museum of Art Group Show 1998
32nd Fukuoka Art Museum Competition 1st Prize Sculpture 1998
Osaka Modern Art Center National Print Competition 1998
Tokyo Museum of Modern Art  International Art Exhibition 1996,1997
National Library Print Exhibition Seoul, 1997
International Sculpture Symposium Kitakyushu, Japan, 1997
Lenexa National Art Competition Lenexa, Kansas 1993,1994
13th Annual Miniature Art Show El Dorado Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO  1996
Greater Midwest International Competition Warrensburg, MO 1993
Garret Gallery National Competition St. Louis, MO 1993
SODARCO International Competition Montreal, Canada 1993

Sculptor's Haiku

Hands cratered and scarred
Spitting out dust from his dreams
He carves the moonlight