In the winter of 2000 I was invited to make a sculpture for the United Nations Korean War Memorial Park.   One sculptor was invited from each of the 22 countries involved in the Korean War to create sculptures in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the war. I was chosen to represent the United States. Adjacent to this sculpture is the United Nations Korean War Memorial Cemetery, which holds the remains of more than 2000 American soldiers who perished in the war.

The sculpture is designed to be a space where the living can sit and contemplate the past and, in my imagination, a place where the ghosts of the fallen can find some peace.

The work has other levels of meaning as well. It functions as a kind of sundial, with the twelve seats representing hours or months, thus suggesting the passage of time. The number 12 also has important symbolic associations for Christianity (Korea is today largely a Christian country).

The central column represents the flower of peace  beginning to blossom, something which, unfortunately, has yet to happen on the Korean peninsula.