The Art of Charles Pilkey
Stone is a harsh mistress;
It will humble the proudest carver.
A cold, elemental beauty; such stuff as worlds
are made of. The stuff of the earth. The entire drama of human life in all its heroic folly is played out on a stage
of stone. And when the final curtain falls, when lights are dimmed and actor and audience depart,
all that remains is stone.
Like the earth, stone abides.
marble   7' long
Kitakyushu, Japan
granite   7' high  
Kimchon, Korea
Islands in the Stream
marble  6' high 
Cararra, Italy
Peace Table  
granite   4.3m high
United Nations Korean War Memorial Park  
Pusan, Korea

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slate  30" long
The Forgotten Country
granite   7' long
Sozo No Mori Park, Fujimi, Japan
Sleeping  City (front and back)
granite  7' long
Kimchon, Korea
The Beginning   
granite and steel  6' 5" high
Eno River Landscape
stone and steel  10'  high
Pebbles from Eno River.
steel and stone  9 'high
Design based on Cherokee gourd art. Stones from rivers
near Cherokee reservation in western North Carolina.
The artist is the lover of nature. He is therefore her master and her slave.
Rabrindranth Tagore