The Art of Charles Pilkey
The air exhaled by the sculptor hiking in the forest
sustains the tree he will later carve. And the wood
used by the sculptor came from the tree that once
gave him oxygen.  We are part of the same
system, people and trees, connected
by shared air.
camphor wood    7' high
camphor wood  6' 3" high
camphor wood   6' 3" high
Urban Man  
camphor wood    5' high
Son of a Gun
camphor wood    20" high
The Architect's Dream (front and back) 
camphor wood    4' long
The Sound of Waves  
wood and beach pebbles
22" long
Mythological Landscape   
camphor wood    30" long
pine    5' 6" long
The Sea's Birthday   
poplar    6' long
Fairy Ring  
Japanese Cedar   20' wide
The wanton boy who kills the fly
Shall feel the spider's enmity